If You Give Money to the Republican Party, You Subsidize Al Sharpton (Updated and Bumped)

I don’t have a problem with Michael Steele speaking to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The Chairman of the Party must sometimes go where they normally dare not tread.

I have a huge problem using RNC donor money to subsidize the National Action Network.

This is a flat out misappropriation of funds — a gross misappropriation of funds.

One wonders the reaction if donors were told their hard earned dollars that they sent to the RNC to help elect Republicans were instead flowing to Al Sharpton.

I have no faith in MIchael Steele to lead the Republican Party. He knows and I know it would be a bloody fight to remove him and he’d just hurl the race card with impunity.

I maintain my prior position that I am not in favor of forcing Steele out because of the cost in blood, sweat, tears, and money when we should be working to get Republicans elected.

But Michael Steele must go. Surely there is someone who can force this man from office quietly.

And if stories like this don’t make it clear to you that you should not give one penny of your money to the RNC then nothing ever will.

Despite the National Action Network’s program listing the RNC as a sponsor of the event, the RNC’s treasure flat out denies that any RNC money went to the NAN and says it did not happen.

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