Charlie Crist Mulling Independent Bid

Well, Charlie Crist is now himself saying he may run as an independent.Don’t expect Rob Jesmer to lose his job. Jesmer, the man who woo’ed Crist into the Senate race thereby throwing the Florida Governor’s race into turmoil and the Senate race into turmoil will no doubt get a pay raise as chief strategist at the NRSC. So what to do with Crist? The more relevant question is what to do with those who support Crist.First, every Republican Senator who backed Crist must immediately demand their money back. That’s a no brainer.Second, we need to see which Republican operatives stay with Crist and make sure they have a hard time finding work after leaving Crist.Third, I hope the Club for Growth will, like they did with Arlen Specter, get every Crist donor to demand their money back.Lastly, and most importantly, let’s anticipate the media narrative over the next week. It will go something like this:Icky, close-minded conservatives drove Charlie Crist out of the GOP in their never ending quest for purity. That is the common and oft repeated mantra in the press.But the data shows otherwise. When Scozzafava couldn’t win, she fled to the Democrats. When Charlie Crist couldn’t win, he too fled toward the left. Arlen Specter couldn’t win. He fled to the left.When liberals lose, they take their footballs, go home, and get the media to run stories on how mean those conservatives are.The best way for conservatives to shut them up? Beat them at the ballot box.And in Florida, we will.