The clock is run out. The time is now. Conservatives must unite immediately to save Indiana.

Time’s up conservatives. We must now unite and we must now rally to save Indiana from the Democrats. The time is now. There can be no more waiting. For months conservatives have sat on the sidelines in the Indiana Senate race. The NRSC dragged former Senator Dan Coats from North Carolina to Indiana and put him into the race. They said he would be warmly re-embraced by the Indiana conservative grassroots. They said he could raise between $500,000.00 and a million dollars. They said he was a perfect fit.Now, like in Florida, we must save the NRSC from itself and save Indiana from the Democrats.No more sitting on the sidelines. The numbers are in. Coats is not raising the money they said he could raise. He’s not even close to the low ball expectation others set for him. He is not getting the grassroots support they said he could get. He is going to lose the NRA endorsement to the Democrat more likely than not.Conservatives nationally must drop what they are doing, focus on Indiana, and rally to Marlin Stutzman. The election is 19 days away.Across Indiana, Marlin Stutzman is gaining traction. He is winning straw poll after straw poll. He is raising money. He is getting endorsements across the state from legislators, pro-life groups, farmers — real people in Indiana and experienced Republicans.The conservative grassroots in Indiana have made the call — not me, not national leaders. It is time to rally to them. I stepped up. I made the call to go with Marlin Stutzman when others were telling me to go with Coats. I’ve prayed for him. I’ve given him money. I’ve spent my time pounding the keys on my keyboard for him. It is your turn.Get up conservatives. Get up and fire up. We must unite. We must do it now. There is no time left. The primary is on the horizon, just 19 days away on May 4, 2010.Stop dithering. Stop debating. Stop waiting for Coats to deliver what the NRSC said he would deliver and that we now know he cannot.Go with Marlin Stutzman. He will not disappoint you. Let’s help him and together put Indiana in the GOP column come November. Coats cannot win. Marlin Stutzman can and will. I aim to win. I hope conservatives nationally will aim to win too.

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