What does the NRSC Have Against Marco Rubio?

If you search the NRSC’s website using the NRSC’s own search engine, there are many words you will not find. But there is one pretty doggone important word you should find that you won’t.That word?RUBIO.Search the Florida race and you’ll see a picture of the Democrat challenger in the race, Kendrick Meeks. You’ll see a picture of Florida’s Democrat Senator Bill Nelson. You’ll even see a picture of Charlie Crist. But Rubio?Nope.Search the website. You’ll find nothing about Rubio.


Do an actual Google search and you’ll only find three things about Rubio — all linking to John Cornyn’s statement from months ago that the NRSC would not be supporting Rubio.And therein lies the rub. With a daily drumbeat of machinations that Charlie Crist is about to leave the Republican Party, the NRSC has nothing up on Marco Rubio. Nothing. No mention. No picture. No links.Even Chuck DeVore gets his picture up, despite the NRSC weighing in on behalf of Carly Fiorina. The only two other races like this are Utah and Arizona with Mike Lee, the front runner in Utah, and J. D. Hayworth the challenger in Arizona both being totally ignored. Of course they, unlike Rubio, are challenging incumbent Republicans.Given this year’s political dynamics, the NRSC will probably win some seats in spite of themselves. But it looks like they are trying to lose Florida.