Charlie Crist's Fan

There is just something a bit creepy about this. I’ve heard stories of Charlie Crist’s fan from two different Governors, both of whom swore me to secrecy until news of his fan was made public elsewhere. I don’t know how much of a secret it actually is, but both of these Governors were a bit dumbstruck by it.In fact, one told me that at a joint press conference the Crist folks wanted to get into the press room early to make sure the fan was in position to take care of Charlie. This particular Governor thought it strange. The other Governor said Charlie is just a prima donna.In any event, the fan story is out in the open now. You be the judge. He travels with his fan everywhere.In other news, Charlie Crist’s “Republican” advisors are urging him to run as an independent. The Wall Street Journal has the details.

Hounded by conservative activists as too liberal, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is being advised by some close supporters to abandon his lagging Republican primary bid for a U.S. Senate seat and run instead as an independent.Mr. Crist’s campaign issued a statement last week saying the governor would run in the Republican primary and describing the talk of an independent bid as “baseless rumors.”

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