As you wake up this morning, you need to know who Ken Buck is

As you are waking up this morning and browsing for news, you need to know who Ken Buck is. Get him on your radar. Write down his name. Make sure you know it. You are going to be hearing a lot about him.Ken Buck is my preferred candidate for the United States Senate in Colorado. And he just set off a chain reaction of bad news for establishment Republicans. Moreover, as the sun rises in Colorado today, Ken Buck is picking up Senator Jim DeMint’s endorsement.But the chain reaction is the important part of this.In Colorado, candidates go to the Republican State Assembly, which is like their state convention. A candidate has to get 30% of the delegates at the state assembly to support them, or they cannot get on the ballot. In the alternative, candidates can opt-out of spending time with the delegates and choose to spend big money collecting signatures across the state.Jane Norton is the Washington crowd’s pick for the GOP. The NRSC is helping her. She’s got John McCain fawning all over her. She had been, after all, Colorado’s Lieutenant Governor, a role in which she did her best to sabotage Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights on the grounds that undermining TABOR was the only way to save TABOR, the same logic George W. Bush used to undermine the free market in order to save it.There is another guy in the race too who isn’t getting much traction, but has money.Anyway, Norton and the third guy have declared they are bypassing the Republicans and their silly little state assembly. They are going to go out and collect signatures. Why?Because Ken Buck has slowly, steadily, and quietly locked in the grassroots support of Colorado Republicans. Norton, the former Lieutenant Governor of Colorado is downright afraid she wouldn’t get 30% of the grassroots to support her. So instead she will go out and pay people to get her signatures.In other words, the grassroots in the Republican Party want Ken Buck. The establishment is going to bypass them and buy their way onto the ballot.Oh, and did I mention Ken Buck is getting Jim DeMint’s endorsement today? We can take back the country. We can do it with people like Ken Buck.