Utah Delegates: Beware of Bridgewater

In the past few days I’ve highlighted my concerns with Tim Bridgewater, one of the candidates for U.S. Senate in Utah. This started after Senator Bob Bennett highlighted Bridgewater’s support of No Child Left Behind. I was disappointed by his support for NCLB but imagine my piqued interest when a reader told me Bridgewater also supported Medicare Part D — the bloated prescription drug benefit that created a new, $15 trillion unfunded liability.The Salt Lake Tribune included this report on November 25, 2003 when Bridgewater was running for Congress the second time:

Matheson’s other GOP challengers, Salt Lake County Councilman David Wilde and businessman Tim Bridgewater, say they also would have voted for the legislation [Medicare Part D].”I am running for Congress to support limited and more efficient government. This bill does neither of those things,” Bridgewater said. “Nevertheless, it is a half-step forward which begins to fix some of the problems that exist in the Medicare program.”

Rather than being a half-step forward, Medicare Part D was a giant leap backwards, rammed through a Republican-dominated government in 2003. Tim Bridgewater’s support for this bill is one more reason why Utahns should be wary of supporting him in the upcoming May 8th state convention.Bridgewater appears to be one of those Republicans who is conservative when being conservative is popular and moderate when it’s not. Don’t be fooled by his newly adopted constitutional principles. Many of his business ventures have profited from government contracts and taxpayer-funded programs. I suspect his principles might stop at his business’s bottom line.Based on the data I’ve seen, Bob Bennett will not make it out of the convention. The question before Utah’s GOP delegates now is this: which of the challengers will be a strong, authentic conservative? Is it Tim Bridgewater, who appears to be “Bennett Lite”, or Mike Lee who is a genuine constitutional conservative? The Bennett and Bridgewater types have gotten us where we are today. The choice for Utah could not be clearer. Let’s support Mike Lee and help him become the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate at the May 8th convention.