Beyond the Parties, the Post Party Summits


Back in 1994, when the Republicans swept Congress, one of the downsides of the massive victory was the emptying out of the state houses and local bodies. Lots of people went to Congress leaving a void back home where the ambitious, but not necessarily the conservative candidate, filled the void.

American Majority intends to teach you how to get involved in politics through Post Party Summits. You will go from ‘yes I want to get involved’ to knowing how to actually get involved and why to get involved. You need to attend.”

There was no group around to really rebuild a farm team at the local and state level. There aren’t really any groups out there that are dedicated to raising up an army of conservatives. Those that are there are generally partisan groups looking to raise up Democrats and Republicans. But what about those groups dedicated to raising up conservatives for office? The few in the space are generally focused on getting people to the state house or the Congress.What about dog catcher? What about county commissioner? What about tax assessor or tax commissioner or city councilman or school board or mayor? What groups are there to train up conservatives for those positions? It is important because the people in those seats will one day rise up to the state level or the congressional level. So who finds, trains, and helps conservatives at that very local level?Most people just run for office. It’s about who you know. It’s hard to find the good people. It’s hard to find the conservatives. It’s hard to find the people at the local level who even at that level believe in, preach, and most importantly practice limited government.I say this as a locally elected conservative politician. It is tough to find people, believe it or not, who when faced with a fuel deficit for police cars versus a museum funding request will actually go with the police. And it is tougher still to find a conservative willing to say no to funding requests when times are good, money is plenty, and irresponsible funding lingers in the air.Where do you go if you want to run for office as a conservative? Where do you go if you want to find who the good conservatives are? Where do you go to find the people who are in it not for themselves, but for their communities and country? Where do you go to get the tools, technology, and know-how to run a winning conservative campaign in your community? Who is there to teach you, help you, and build a grassroots army of conservatives?There is a group out there with the sole purpose of doing just this. I am proud of them and gladly champion them. It is American Majority.I do not get paid by American Majority, I am not on their board, I have no official connection, but they are my friends and compatriots. I would gladly bleed for this organization. It is that good.American Majority is a group whose sole focus — it’s fixation — is on finding conservatives, regardless of party, and training them and equipping them in the tools and technology of campaigns so they can run for office or be conservative activists in their communities or online willing to fight the fight for freedom, liberty, and limited government.American Majority is an organization I encourage you to support. I believe in raising an army of activists to take over this country and return it to its founding principles of limited government, freedom, liberty, and individual responsibility. I believe we need to put people in federal office who look at Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and say, “Beyond these we can do no more.”I believe in putting people in state office who look and see how the state can get out of the way of the people and ask “why” when an agency comes for its budget and “is it needed” when examining whether an agency is needed at all.I believe in an army of conservative activists who govern at the local level freeing up the citizenry to be as free from the shackles of government as possible.That is why I believe in American Majority — because it equips and trains conservatives to take back America and instill in government those philosophies upon which this country was founded: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.So if you are looking for a group to give small or large dollar donations to, not just to have an immediate impact, but a long term impact on the life and political discourse in this country, you can find no finer group that American Majority.We have reached a point in this country where many people eschew partisan identity. They are liberal or conservative, but not Democrat or Republican. American Majority is engaging in something called “Post Party Summits.” If you can, you must attend.Go to summit.americanmajority.org and you will see where these summits will be around the country. I’ll be speaking at the ones in Denver, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh.American Majority intends to train conservatives on becoming effective grassroots activists, advocates, candidates, and online activists. I hear all the time at tea party events, “Get involved. Get involved. Do something.” The crowd goes wild and cheers, “Yyyyyyeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!! Let’s get invvvvvvvvoolllllvved.” Then they go home and have no freaking clue what to do.American Majority intends to teach you how to get involved through Post Party Summits. You will go from “yes I want to get involved” to know how to actually get involved and why to get involved. You need to attend.I encourage your participation in these summits if you can get to one. Conservatives must not sit on the sidelines, but must get involved in the political process. This is one easy way to figure out how.With RedState, CNN, a (temporary) morning radio show, city council, and a family it is damn hard for me to travel these days, but my family and I are making the sacrifice and I’m going out on the road with American Majority. I’ll be in Pittsburgh, Denver, and Charlotte speaking at three of the many Post Party Summits.Stop saying you want to get involved and find out how. Go to one of these summits.