Tim Bridgewater Admits His Gut Level Instincts Are Wrong for Utah

Tim Bridgewater this morning is admitting he supported No Child Left Behind, a piece of legislation that even Bob Bennett would not support.Bridgewater, in a press release, noted:

While Tim Bridgewater did support the concept of NCLB which passed in 2001, Tim’s support for the legislation fell flat when the concept of holding teachers accountable for teaching standard curriculum turned into unfunded federal mandates and one size fits all testing. When Tim Bridgewater saw the effects of NCLB he led Utah in the fight against it as the Governor’s Deputy of Education. “No Child Left Behind created unintended consequences at the state level. As soon as I saw these consequences I began fighting against the program, going against my own party on an issue I knew needed to be changed. Senator Bennett is well aware of my fight against No Child Left Behind and I am disappointed in his half truth on this issue,” said Tim Bridgewater.

Friends, those consequences were not unintended — they were known well before No Child Left Behind passed. Bridgewater is having to now run from his record. And even if they were unknown, a conservative gut level instinct would have intrinsically known the overreaching hand of the federal government would screw things up.The people of Utah have a choice to make. Do they want to keep Bob Bennett, a man who with only rare exception, has never shown a conservative instinct? Or do they want to replace Bob Bennett with a candidate who is, at his very core, unabashedly conservative? If the latter, the choice must be Mike Lee, not a man who claims the very known consequences of No Child Left Behind were either unknown or unintended.