Obama's Dangerous Game Continues

I have asked the question before.I asked it again.Again.And again.How many Americans are going to die because of the Obama administration’s incompetent handling of our national security?Contrary to the Washington Post’s headline this morning, Obama’s new nuclear policy strategy is no “middle way,” it is capitulation and waving a white flag for our enemies, putting him not in the middle of the past five American Presidents, but to their left — this puts Barack Obama to the left of not just George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, but to the left of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter too.The White House is announcing that should the United States be struck by weaponized small pox killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, the United States will not reciprocate with nuclear weapons — well, maybe, but probably not. They are hedging against it, but you know, they say they’ll reassess the facts on a case by case basis. Sigh.In fact, the White House pretty much does not want to use nuclear weapons as a deterrent threat at all.Signaling to our enemies that we will not punch back as hard as we can will just embolden them. Even if the President intended this, he should not advertise it to the world. It is one thing to have a wimp in office. It is another thing to admit it. This policy is the coming home of the sixties radical left agenda of pacification in the face of our enemies and capitulation of a strong America. Bill Ayers is a happy man today. His man in the White House is doing for him what he never could himself.How many Americans will get killed because of this administration’s incompetence or intentional capitulation of our national security? The man is now to the left of Jimmy Carter. Think about that.