In Utah, the Race for Second Place Begins

One of the few votes Bob Bennett took in the Senate that was a legitimately conservative vote was against No Chlid Left Behind (“NCLB”).Bennett is now raising the issue of NCLB to highlight Tim Bridgewater’s past support and Bennett’s “nay” vote. Bennett is right that Bridgewater was wrong to support NCLB but Bennett’s record isn’t clean either. Senators DeMint and Cornyn introduced the APLUS Act in 2007 and in 2009 (S.1351) to give states the ability to opt out of the federal program so long as they meet overall standards. Has Bennett added his name as a cosponsor? No, he hasn’t. This is the #1 anti-NCLB bill in the Senate and has the support of the Heritage Foundation but Bennett is MIA (again). But there is another story here beyond the NCLB issue. It’s the fact that Mike Lee is the clear frontrunner and the real race now is for second place between Bennett and Bridgewater. It’s a race to see who might be able to reach the final ballot and force a primary against Mike Lee. Bennett knows that a lot of the delegates who are with Bridgewater right now have a slight establishment bent and can be won if he can prove to them that he’s more conservative on a key issue in Utah. The lesson here is for anyone supporting Bridgewater — don’t be fooled by Bridgewater or Bennett. Support Lee and let’s make sure he wins at the convention without a primary.