The Disturbed Mind of the Left

On CNN’s website tonight there is a report that ten people have been shot in Washington, D.C. in two separate incidents that police are not sure are connected.Washington has long had the stigma of “murder capital” of the United States though crime has fallen in recent years. Gun violence in Washington has been both epidemic and in the news a great deal in the last few years with the Heller decision and the Supreme Court’s affirmation of a individual right to keep and bear arms under the second amendment.One might venture to say that, given Washington’s reputation, the first thought in someone’s mind might reasonably be that this was gang related violence — particularly the parts of the city wherein the violence occurred.But nine minutes after the post went up on CNN the first commenter noted:

We are coming closer and closer to the time that we have to recognize the play on emotions by people hoping to tap into right-wing anger and how it may precipitate violence.

The commenter, John, is an American working for NATO in Europe. You might think that all John has heard about lately is the evil tea party movement. But if you read who John is you would learn he went to the University of Maryland — not exactly far removed from news about Washington, D.C. and its violence. Let’s ignore that John works for NATO.If we assume John’s line of reasoning is reasonable in the current climate, we must then wonder what the media is doing to run people off the rails. After all, during the August health care discussions, seven out of ten acts of documented violence were from leftists against tea party activists. More recently, the only substantive arrest after the health care vote was of an Obama donor threatening the lives of Eric Cantor and his wife. Then there is the lack of any documentary evidence that anyone hurled racial epithets at John Lewis — a man known, despite an honorable history in the Civil Rights struggles of the sixties, to use incendiary charges of race for political gain without substance behind those charges — but ample evidence that leftists hurled eggs at tea party protestors convening in Nevada the other day.If, however, we don’t want to make that leap, we must instead ask the simple question: why are leftists still so disturbed and hateful? They, after all, spent eight years in anger over George ChimpyMcBushHitlerHalliburton only to win total control of the law making and enforcing aspects of government.And yet . . .