Supporting Nikki Haley Must be a Priority, Even if You Don't Live in South Carolina

I’m sure some people get tired of me saying it, but we have to get conservatives elected nation wide. It is not enough to focus on Washington. It is not enough to focus on our own state. We need to look across the country and find good conservatives down to the local level. That’s one reason I like groups like American Majority. They are going into states and training the next generation of conservative leaders at the local level.Somewhere between town council and the United States Senate though are those candidates who have a measurable, tangible, real impact on national issues, but are in the states. Governors are like that. Think of the real impact Bobby Jindal has had on the health care debate. Or Rick Perry. Or, in a negative way, Charlie Crist and the stimulus.We have to support good candidates wherever they are. That is why we have to support Nikki Haley.She is unquestionably conservative. She is unquestionably committed to limited government. She is not afraid to fight.Make a pledge for Nikki’s money bomb. Let her know you will help. If you can give a lot, do. If you only give a little, give what you can.We need leaders like Nikki. We can do this. But we must act now.Put it to you this way: I’m going to pledge $500.00. That’s more than I can afford, frankly, and more than I’ve given even to Marco Rubio. But it’s going to take some sacrifice on our part to raise up an army of new conservative leaders.I believe Nikki Haley is just such a leader and we need to get her on the radar and keep her momentum going. Please join with me (and don’t tell my wife how much she and I are pledging).