Is Alan Grayson A Republican Now?

Well now, only a few days ago Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo was crying in his beer about all the violence and threats of violence. He said, “No one who is even remotely honest can pretend that anything about this is bipartisan in character. The Right and yes the national Republican party has been stirring this pot for months.”From Josh Marshall’s own website this morning we learn Congressman Alan Grayson is calling the GOP “Nazis” and compared the GOP’s alleged threats to the burning of the Reichstag.Really?This is the same Alan Grayson who went to the floor of the House of Representatives to tell everyone Republicans want you all to die.But if it is only Republicans doing stuff like this, I guess we should await Josh Marshall declaring Alan Grayson a Republican. Or will he instead backtrack on his “only Republicans do it” shtick. Don’t hold your breath on the latter.