Utah's Governor Has Taken to Blasting Bob Bennett

What I know that you now know is that Bob Bennett really is toast. The delegate math does not work out for Bob according to people I’m close to connected to all the other camps and the Utah GOP.There is no path to victory for Bennett it would seem. Deals could be cut and that could be changed, but that’s the way things stand this morning.Which might explain why Utah’s Governor, Gary Herbert, is now comfortably taking a dig at Bennett.

Gov. Gary Herbert blasted Congress’ efforts to impose health reform Thursday, saying it would be a “budget buster” and insisting it is unconstitutional to require citizens to buy health insurance.That goes for a similar mandate in legislation that Utah Sen. Bob Bennett has proposed, Herbert said.”It doesn’t matter if it’s proposed by a Republican or a Democrat. If it’s unconstitutional, it’s unconstitutional,” Herbert said during his monthly news conference at KUED. “This overreach by the federal government ought to cause us all the heebie jeebies.”

The statement in and of itself is pretty innocuous, but it would not have happened before the caucuses. The question now is whether Bennett will announce his retirement or try to cut enough deals to make a show of it.