Legal challenges and midterm elections serve as early strategy against health legislation.

Donald Lambro has the top story at Human Events.

Anyone who thinks the battle against Obamacare is over does not understand the depth of the opposition to this massive government expansion and the forces of freedom that will be challenging its despotic provisions.President Obama and the Democrats narrowly won a majority for a bill that will explode federal spending and debt, drive consumer medical care costs through the roof, and lead to healthcare rationing.But there is yet another vote to come on this bill in November when Obamacare will be the paramount political battleground in the midterm elections that will likely lead to the defeat of at least 30 House Democrats, and possibly more, and easily half a dozen Senate Democrats–effectively  killing Obama’s agenda for the remainder of his term.But that’s only a part of the political, legal and institutional forces arrayed against the bill’s many anti-choice healthcare mandates and new taxes that Democrats sent to Obama late Sunday night.