Charlie Crist Prepares to Go Negative on TV

Did you know Marco Rubio had been a lobbyist? Charlie Crist wants to make sure everyone knows in an effort to distract from the number of people who gave Crist money, got benefits in return, then went off to federal prison.Sources totally unconnected to the Rubio campaign tell me that Crist is preparing a series of hard hitting negative ads attacking Rubio for lobbying ties.The Rubio camp is hearing the same rumors and is rolling out a pre-emptive web strike. Seriously folks, Charlie is just hacked off because the feds are going to start taxing his tanning bed now. He’s just lashing out at Rubio in a fit of histrionics. Given that the smears against Rubio relating to his credit card purchases are now raising questions about the legality of purchases made on Crist’s behalf, he’s got to change the subject.