A Great Day In Utah

I’m hearing from more and more people that last night was a truly great night for conservatives in Utah as Bob Bennett’s supporters were largely denied delegate spots to the State Convention.Across Utah, in most major areas, Bob Bennett’s supporters were shut out. In Provo, Bennett was able to come in first, but barely edged out Mike Lee.I’m getting reports from across the state, north to south, east to west, that Bob Bennett had a very, very bad night in Utah.He’s now going to have to jockey for position with the others in the race. Here’s the key though — we need to rally around a guy like Mike Lee who appears to have done well. We don’t want Bennett trying to cut deals with the others. Let’s hold their feet to the fire.Remember, Mitch McConnell said conservative dissatisfaction with Republican leadership is “not relevant.” We have the power to prove him wrong by tossing incumbent Republicans and more importantly this year rejecting the candidates the Washington Republicans have picked for us.At the end of the day, who do you think the NRSC backed candidates will be loyal to — the GOP leadership in DC or you?Here is a first hand account.Instapundit has more.Jim Geraghty too.