Nikki Haley's Money Bomb

Folks, if you read my post on how we do it, you need to understand that intrinsically we cannot do it just at the federal level.We must have state leaders who will zealously defend the states’ turf against the feds. We have to raise up conservative leaders in the states because with strong conservatives in the states, we stand a greater chance of rebuilding a farm team that is conservative.That is why RedState is so zealous in our support of Nikki Haley. She is going up in the polls in South Carolina. She is getting a lot of good attetion and breaking away from the pack.We need to do everything we can to help people like Nikki Haley. She is the next generation of conservative leader. Do what you can to get this money bomb going. Pledge what you can and lets blow it up on March 30th.We need to support Nikki Haley. We need to make this moneybomb a success.Pledge today. Give on March 30th. Together we can blow up South Carolina politics and see a real conservative like Nikki Haley land on the top.