A note from Congressman Randy Neugebauer

Congressman Neugebauer sent along the note below and asked if I’d post it. Gladly. I also sent him $30.00 yesterday. — Erick

I am Randy Neugebauer, the Congressman who said the Democrat’s health care bill is a baby-killer. Now, Democrats are demanding that I apologize for it. I think Red State is a good place to respond to that request, and Erick Erickson was kind enough to allow me to do so. While the floor of the House was the wrong place to shout out my objection, the fact remains that this legislation will kill babies. And yet, in the face of bi-partisan opposition, Democrats passed the bill anyway.We now have a clear mission. We must fight like the lives of our children depend upon it. They do. I will fight to repeal this bill. Will you?

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