Is Orrin Hatch a Threat to Utah Jobs?

Just the other day Republican Senator Bob Bennett released a letter attacking Mike Lee for Lee’s opposition to earmarks in relation to ATK Thiokol, a major employer in Utah.According to Bennett, the only way to protect ATK Thiokol’s NASA contracts is through earmarks, and trying to scare delegates into believing that because Mike Lee supports earmark reform (and a one-year moratorium), he presents a threat to the 3,000 high-paying jobs that ATK Thiokol currently provides in northern Utah.The letter falsely implies that Lee would favor an appropriations process that would result in the executive branch receiving a series of blank checks from Congress. Bennett knows this to be false, given that he has heard Lee explain that my concern with earmarks focuses on efforts by Congress to channel funds to specific States, localities, and businesses. Never mind that Orrin Hatch was on the opposite side of Bennett on this issue. Is Orrin Hatch a threat to jobs in Utah? Of course not. Neither is Mike Lee. Bob Bennett has grown desperate and he is as much a threat to freedom as the Democrats.