Thank you

Since July 11, 2004, when RedState launched, I have written 5,064 posts. That is a lot of writing.I have tried, over the years, to say thank you as the need arises. This is another one of those times. I had a pretty good idea that the moment last week’s news was announced the fan would just break given what all would hit it. Having good friends defend me was greatly appreciated.I have, in those 5,064 posts, had a few heated things to say on occasion. Having kids and going through all the other stuff I’ve written about previously has, I guess, had a calming effect over time. I have still, on occasion, said some dumb things — things I regret and that the left will ensure are the only parts of all the words I’ve written that will be remembered — well, those and the things other people wrote, but were attributed to me by virtue of being this site’s editor. That’s life.In the local newspaper here after my most infamous comment, I wrote:

We expect more perfection in others than ourselves and even more in our leaders who, put under the microscope more than others, are as flawed as all, but magnified. We are, all of us, quick to abandon people when their flaws are exposed or presumed exposed. We are all sinners and fall short. Pretended friends quickly flee when confronted by the challenges of friendship.The sum total of our actions and words should be that which reflects our true selves, but more often it is the one action or one word that does. Made harder for me is knowing that one incident makes my words and defense of my friend no less true, but much harder to convey. William Shakespeare said it best. “The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.”Would that it were the opposite, but that’s life.

Reliving the least of my finest hours this week has been humbling and a reminder also that the “guy with the laptop chatting with friends” impression of myself I had, has long since passed with me being the last to recognize its passage and I am one of those people these days who people tend to listen to and on whose advice, comments, and behavior others tend to act.And though I may be one of those people now, I am still me and I still appreciate all of you and want to make sure you know it. I thank you all yet again as I blog here with friends made over the series of intertubes with all the other eyeballs watching too.