List of Items for the GOP to Begin Investigating Once They Take Back Power

There are a number of things the GOP will need to launch investigations over once it takes back power. As is usually the case, the party opposite that of the White House will make inquiries into a host of items once in control of Congress.With today’s health care vote coming, it is time to begin considering what investigations there will be.Here is my initial list:

  1. The bribes to get health care passed.
  2. What did the Democrats know and when did they know it about Eric Massa.
  3. ACORN
  4. Kevin Jennings’ appointment
  5. The Sestak promises
  6. The Andrew Romanoff promises
  7. Barack Obama’s foreign campaign donors and what happened with that money
  8. Obstruction by the DOJ of North Carolina’s non-partisan elections laws
  9. DOJ lawyers who represented GTMO detainees
  10. Democratic congressional staffers disrupting Republican offices in 2006 in Colorado

The list goes on and on. What else should be added? Let’s keep a steady going list of these things so we can get our side up to speed and ready once we take back the majority.Consider this an open thread.

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