Ensuring Barack Obama's Second Term

Barack Obama is telling Democrats that to ensure the success of his presidency, they must vote to pass health care deform. It is, after all, all about him despite his protests to the contrary.This argument persuaded Dennis Kucinich — well that and there are allegations about a job for his wife though I’m not sure if that’s true. But given the pattern it is easy to believe.In any event, Obama is telling the Democrats that if health care deform passes his presidency is successful and if it does not, his presidency fails.What he means is that in order for Barack Obama to be successful, the Democrats in Congress must fail. All politicians are survivalists. Obama has convinced the Democrats in Congress that they’ll all survive if health care deform passes. But in reality, Obama knows if health care deform passes, the Republicans will take back Congress. If the Republicans take back Congress, Obama will have someone to actually run against. It is very hard to run against the opposition when the opposition controls nothing. So Democrats will pass health care deform. They will be crushed at the polls. This will give Barack Obama a second term — at least that is his calculus.It’s pretty smart of him. It is also amazing to watch the entire Democratic caucus lay day willingly in front of Obama’s unsatiated bus to ensure Obama a second term at their own expense — not that he’ll actually get one, mind you. But that is his plan. It worked for Clinton afterall.**Of course, Clinton then tacked to the right, going along with welfare reform and a host of other centrist to right of center ideas. How’d that work out for progressives?