Helping Ken Buck

In the Colorado Caucuses earlier this week, Ken Buck beat Jane Norton. It was close. Very close. You might say they tied.But that is still big news. Buck does not have a massive on the ground presence yet and Jane Norton is the former Lt. Governor of Colorado with already massive name identification, the backing of the Washington Republican crowd, and lots more money than Buck. It’s like the Crist v. Rubio situation, except I actually like Norton, think she’s more with us than against us, but believe very strongly that Ken Buck will be more with us and a stronger conservative less likely to get pushed into doing silly things by the leadership.Ken is showing strong grassroots support in Colorado, but he needs our help. We need to help him get even better organized on the ground, but unlike some of our candidates, Ken Buck really does need our cash. If you can’t, give your prayers, time, or what you can. But we need to get him fully funded.Beating the Colorado Lt. Governor in the Colorado Caucuses is a very positive sign. Now we need to help translate that into money for Ken to turn out the vote in the primary.I know our dollars are all stretched thing. All of us. But if you can commit to just a little, all of us doing the same will really help.Let’s get Ken Buck to Washington.