Will Congress Lose Afghanistan Like It Lost Vietnam?

Phillip Jennings has the top story at Human Events today.

As you prepare for your imminent deployment to Afghanistan, I guess it’s inevitable that I’m thinking of that time forty five years ago that I prepared for my deployment to Vietnam as a young lieutenant of Marines. We’ve talked about the similarities in our respective wars, but there’s a lot more I could say. The concurrent publication of my Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War has sharpened our discussions and my ability to comment on your questions.First, it is critically important for Americans to understand the true history of our involvement.  Most important is the fact that the U.S. military fought brilliantly and defeated the Communist aggressors in Vietnam.  Yes, that’s right.  We won the war.  And then we saw the Congress of the United States throw away that victory by abrogating our obligations to continue support of the South Vietnamese.Why is that so important? Simply because that fact illuminates the only way we can similarly lose in Afghanistan. You will not be defeated on the battlefield. Of that, there is no question.