Mitt Romney does good today. Endorses Nikki Haley.

We’ve been after Mitt Romney for a while for not going all in for Doug Hoffman or Marco Rubio then coming out for Bob Bennett.Today he is really redeeming himself. Romney is going all in for Nikki Haley in South Carolina. The endorsement comes today. Huge news. CNN is now reporting on it (insert disclosure here related to post below).Haley is going up in the polls thanks to RedState support. What do we have to do to organize a money bomb for Nikki Haley? We need to make this happen folks. We need Nikki Haley in the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion.I hope other 2012 potentials will take note of this. Palin and Pawlenty may have led in on Doug Hoffman, but this is a truly gutsy move for a 2012 candidate to involve himself in South Carolina, given the importance of South Carolina in 2012. Taking sides here is BIG.