Lee Hawkins (R-GA) Opposes Private Sector Job Creation Legislation

RedState previously endorsed Georgia State Representative Tom Graves in the 9th Congressional District race to replace Congressman Nathan Deal.One of Graves’ opponents is his colleague in the Georgia General Assembly, State Senator Lee Hawkins. Of all the things to pick a fight over, Hawkins is opposed to Graves’s very sound legislation to incentivize the creation of private sector jobs in the state using basic free market principles of getting the government the heck out of the way.This is pitiful.Graves’s legislation is supported by the National Federation of Independent Business, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, and Americans for Tax Reform. The legislation is opposed by your typical left-wing and union interest groups and, apparently, Lee Hawkins.The legislation would cut regulatory costs for hiring employees, lower bureaucratic costs to hirings, give tax credits and tax deductions, etc. In a nutshell, Graves’s legislation does exactly the opposite of Barack Obama’s stimulus plan. It encourages and incentivizes private sector job creation instead of public sector job creation.Why in God’s name would a Republican oppose basic free market concepts in job creation? That’s a question Lee Hawkins needs to answer.I understand wanting to seek contrasts from your opponent to make yourself look better, but do you really want to make your stand on opposing sound, free market legislation?This is another reason to support Tom Graves.