Why Not Help It Pass?

Tom Harkin, Barack Obama, and assorted left-wing activists are asking a simple question this week as if it is the most profound question ever asked:”If Republicans are so sure passing health care reform will doom the Democrats in November, why not help them pass it?”If you ask this question without any sense of irony, you have so far removed yourself from reality that we might need to commit you.Let me ask it another way — if the Democrats were so sure the War in Iraq would doom Republicans, why not go all in and help escalate the war?Because lives are at stake? Is that why? Well, same with the GOP helping the Democrats pass health care. We don’t want the blood on our hands.We will not help pass bad legislation just because it helps us politically. There are greater things at stake such as freedom, individual liberty, and the American ideal. The free market system should be above politics.The GOP will not help the Democrats pass health care reform because passing health care reform will mean destroying the country. And that is not hyperbole, that is a fact.