Terrific Article on Rand Paul

It is looking more and more like Rand Paul is going to make it through the Kentucky GOP Primary. There is a great article out today that I encourage you to read if you are on the fence.

Grayson has attacked Rand Paul as being in favor of abortion and legalizing drugs, perhaps confusing Rand’s positions with those of his even-more-libertarian father. Rand Paul calls the claims patently false. His Web site declares that “Rand’s socially conservative views have earned the respect and trust of church leaders across Kentucky.”Rand Paul is also more mainstream conservative on national defense. Rand is an interventionist, unlike his father, who believes the U.S. should not send troops to global hot spots. And Rand thinks Guantanamo prisoners should be tried in military courts, while his father has suggested civilian courts.

I support Rand Paul and right now he is 15 points ahead of Grayson — a man who still refuses to take positions on big issues.