Landing After Leaping

“I believe in a God, one God, who brings forth bread from heaven and water from rocks and men and women like you and me from the dust of the earth, stitching us together in our mother’s wombs.”

On December 13th, I told you guys my wife and I were making a leap of faith. I often question my faith. There are some days I wake up and don’t feel very Christian. There are some days I wake up and go the whole day without really even appreciating all that God has done. Prayer becomes rote and routine, a habit done before I can fall asleep, but without much meaning and often times a burden to be overcome before I can sleep. Nothing more — and then the guilt for thinking it so.But these last three months have made me appreciate both God and you. Your prayers have sustained my family. They have comforted us. Many, many people have emailed me to tell me how much that post meant to them personally.Because of that more than anything else, I would be remiss if I did not now share with you, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. God leads us all on journeys, sometimes where we want to go and others where we do not. For those of you who felt that original post spoke to what you are going through, I hope knowing God is working in my life will be a comfort for your own life with some reassurance He too is working in your life. See, I’m landing now from that leap of faith. Putting my foot on the solid rock I find myself on a new path — one I never, ever would have expected or even guessed at back in December.My wife is now a stay at home mom. The worries about making ends meet have been offset by the first pay raise I’ve gotten in years, though for the first two months it was a painful near ulcerating struggle. RedState is growing by leaps and bounds. The Morning Briefing is one of the most influential emails on the right and our sponsorships are sold out for a year. I thank God for the successes of this site and for each and every one of you.Changes are now coming both into my life and, relatedly, here at RedState. I feel like today is probably the last normal day I’ll have for a while. No, I’m not going anywhere. It’s odd. People keep telling me I have grown beyond RedState and I should consider moving on. I don’t see it and I don’t think so. RedState and I are joined at the hip. Where RedState goes, so do I go also.If God in his wisdom sees it otherwise, I suppose he will open a door through which I will walk and he will close it before RedState can go through too, like the final scenes in The Last Battle. But that has not happened and I honestly hope it does not.But I am landing now from that leap of faith. My feet touch the ground this week and off I’ll sprint, somehow trying to race a race I never expected to run and also endure the race set before us we are supposed to run — trying to balance being a faithful witness glorifying God in some way, though I am not sure how yet with this new path. I thank the Lord for his grace and blessings and I thank each of you for all your prayers and best wishes.Some changes are coming. All for the better. All thanks to your prayers. I believe in a God, one God, who brings forth bread from heaven and water from rocks and men and women like you and me from the dust of the earth, stitching us together in our mother’s wombs. He sustains all life. He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. He is the King of all creation and of you and me. He is active and ever present — not abstract or passive. He is not my co-pilot. He is firmly in the driver’s seat. And as the hymn says, “He leadth me, He leadth me, by His own hand He leadth me.”And He is leading me on a fascinating journey I hope very soon to share with you in greater detail and also, in a way, to take you on that journey too. In the mean time, I covet your prayers for me and my family. I cannot tell you how much I value your friendship and kind words these last few months — the bits and bytes of compassion from kindred souls across this series of tubes are as real as those I encounter daily here in Macon.Thanks again,