Again. When Will Politicians Understand Their Bounds?

The folks at My Food. My Choice bring us word tonight of another instance of politicians not knowing the limits of government.New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) wants to ban the use of salt in preparation of restaurant cooking.You know salt right? Sodium Chloride? It’s one of the tastes our tongue can detect and it helps bring out other flavors? Yeah, that one — the one that brought us the word “salad”, which came from the Roman Empire habit of putting salt on leafy vegetables.What an idiot.Media Matters and the leftist crowd out there took me on last year when I asked, in relation to a report from Washington State that people were crossing state lines to buy dishwasher detergent after Washington State banned phosphates, “at what point do people revolt?”They tried to make it out as a lunatic question to ask, but more and more people are getting really hacked off by the small burdens imposed on them by out of touch government. The accumulation of small things — the tyranny of small things — will be what decent and calm people eventually blow up over.At what point do people go back to tarring and feathering politicians? It is stupid little things like this that will do it. Remember, the Brits thought the Stamp Act was a rather innocuous piece of legislation too.At least this hasn’t been put into law. We can hope it stays that way.