Liz Cheney is Right

Liz Cheney’s new group has a very effective ad out:How effective is it? Sweet Little Lindsey from South Carolina has his knickers in a wad crying foul on behalf of the Obama Administration.Some lawyers are out there saying this is an unfair attack on the lawyers Barack Obama hired because everyone is entitled to zealous representation.Let me tell you why America is so great, folks. In America, there are all sorts of people making up a diverse mindset and sharing varied opinions. The legal system reflects that.There will always be lawyers willing to defend the indefensible. And if you are a lawyer willing to defend the indefensible you can get really rich and/or really infamous. Some of them are there just because they like the challenge.Typically, however, the lawyers willing to defend the indefensible are from the far left — particularly when defending those who are at war with America.Good for them for being willing to have a niche in the legal field. But it says something not about them, but about the Obama administration that Barack Obama would put these same attorneys into the Department of Justice.Liz Cheney’s advertisement and her points on the issue have very little to do with the lawyers themselves. The people raising hell and claiming offense at the attack are obfuscating the point. This is a question about the President’s judgment and that of his Attorney General. Liz Cheney is right.

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