Bob Bennett Must Go: He Routinely Breaches The Duty to Be A Good Fiscal Steward of the Public Dollar

On August 3, 2009, Bob Bennett voted against an amendment that prohibited $17.5 million from being spent for the High Energy Cost Grant Program, which was targeted even by the Obama Administration as wasteful and redundant. Sen. Hatch voted the same way. (SOURCE).On March 13, 2008, Bennett voted against reducing FY 2009 funding by $750 million on programs rated “ineffective” by the OMB. The savings would be used to pay down the debt. (SOURCE).On October 23, 2007, Bob Bennett voted to kill an amendment that would have eliminated $3.7 million in uncompetitive earmarks to the AFL-CIO, and replaced them with competitive grants. (SOURCE).And these only scratch the surface.