Yes, We Do Need Tort Reform

An 8 year old girl was behind a truck hauling a load of product destined for market. The truck driver put his truck in reverse without checking to see if anything was behind him and ran over the 8 year.The 8 year old survived, but will be permanently physically disabled. She won $24.3 million in damages.Sounds relatively reasonable, doesn’t it?Now, let’s add some facts. The girl was the daughter of the truck driver. The truck driver loaded the girl and her mother into his big rig for a long haul trip for work, with a stop over to visit relatives. The shipping company had no idea and did not give its permission.When the truck driver decided to leave a stop, he did not bother to make sure his daughter was in the truck with him. He backed up and ran over his own daughter.So he does what people in California apparently do. He sued someone else. And the people of California did what they apparently do. They gave him money. Of course the jury was not told any of the facts below paragraph 2 of this post. The judge wouldn’t let them.It is the liberal dream that we can no longer be held liable for our own actions and choices in life. All of us are destined to live together tangled on the government safety net because we might injure ourselves swinging from the trapeze of life.Ain’t life grand in the Obamatopia? Because California is where we’re all headed on the road to hell.