The Abortion Gambit: Stupak's Folly

“The Democrats can give all the cover they want to Stupak, but the Senate GOP will show the cover to be the fig leaf it is.”

Credit where it is due: the Senate GOP has come up with a great strategy to combat talk of compromise on reconciliation. The Senate GOP will block any effort to strip abortion funding in reconciliation.This may get a few pro-life groups upset and I want to be very clear here — you will be able to tell the real pro-life groups from the posers by their stand on this strategy. The real pro-life groups will support this and the posers will oppose it.Here’s why.Right now in the House, Bart Stupak is trying to get the Democrats to put language in the reconciliation package to the Senate health care plan that would prohibit abortion funding.If the Democrats do go along with Stupak and thereby get enough votes from pro-life Democrats to pass Obamacare, the Senate GOP is going to object to the abortion language.

Republican Senators plan to raise a budget point of order, a procedural move objecting to the reconciliation process that requires 60 votes to defeat.“If there is anyone left in the House who believes Senate Republicans will help carry their water on abortion or anything else so they can vote in favor of the health bill, they are radically misreading our Conference,” a senior Republican Senate aide said Tuesday. “Republicans intend to raise every point of order and will not waive a single one regardless of merit to assist Democrats in passing this $2.5 trillion health care boondoggle.”

This means Stupak and his pro-life Democrats in the House cannot for Obamacare because it is GUARANTEED to fund abortions. There is no way out of it. The Senate GOP is making it very clear.A vote for Obamacare is a vote for funding abortions. Period. The Democrats can give all the cover they want to Stupak, but the Senate GOP will show the cover to be the fig leaf it is.Real pro-life groups get this. They know that Obamacare poses an across the board danger to the cause of life. Passing Obamacare even with the Stupak compromise would still allow, in the NRLC’s language, “federal facilitation of direct killing.“The groups posing as pro-life groups will wring their hands of this strategy and otherwise lend support to the passing of legislation that would promote “federal facilitation of direct killing.”

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