The Model Candidate: Pat Toomey

When Joe Scarborough and I talk each week on the radio, we frequently mention that former Congressman Pat Toomey is the model candidate for the Republican Party.Though Pat Toomey is pro-life, his campaign focuses on jobs, business, regulation, and the free market. Back at the RedState Gathering in August (the next one will be announced very shortly), Pat Toomey gave me a copy of his book, The Road to Prosperity.I read it then and, frankly, got sidetracked. But in thinking about a way forward for the GOP, I think Pat Toomey really presents a credible platform in his book. It is actually a very readable book.I want to restart our Book Notes series. I was going to suggest we restart with Bastiat’s “The Law,” but let’s do that one next. Pat Toomey‘s book is prescient and relevant to what’s going on right now.I don’t want us to revive Book Notes and get into a habit of reading campaign books. God knows everyone running for office writes one. But this is actually a good book and a quick read.So here is your Book Notes assignment: get a copy of the book. For Monday read the first two chapters. We’ll meet back here and discuss.If you don’t want to participate, at least consider sending a donation to Pat Toomey.As always, if you just want to follow the discussion, you can follow the Book Notes tag at RedState.