Meet Tom Graves. We Need to Get This Man Elected.

In 2008, Freedomworks named only two men as “Legislative Entrepreneurs of the Year.” The men were Florida Speaker Marco Rubio and Georgia State Representative Tom Graves.We all know who Marco Rubio is. We need to know who Tom Graves is. He is running for Congress in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, being vacated by Congressman Nathan Deal.Tom Graves is such a solid pro-entrepreneur conservative, he was the only Republican state legislator nationwide asked to speak at the 9/12 National Tea Party. The only one. He was also the American Legislative Exchange Council’s “Legislator of the Year” in 2009, before the ALEC coup that put squishes in charge.But if you really want to know who Tom Graves is, you need to know about his jobs bill in the Georgia legislature. He proposed it last year and the legislature buried it. Why? It was too free market and put entrepreneurial interests ahead of large corporations. How dare a Republican be for the little guy, the start up, and the entrepreneur. Tom is and he is unapologetic about it.At a time Georgia is running a huge deficit, Tom Graves‘ JOBS bills (Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2009) will cut taxes, give tax credits, and incentivize private business hirings. Unlike the Obama stimulus plan, Tom Graves‘ intends to create private sector jobs. It’s no wonder the National Federation of Independent Business named him a “Guardian of Small Business.” It’s Tom Graves‘s passion.Tom Graves is running for Congress. He is going to jump into the special election to fill Nathan Deal’s seat. That election will probably be held the same day as the primary for the November election. Whoever wins the seat will win the general election because the seat is solidly Republican.The problem is there are 9 people in the race and too many conservatives can get a moderate elected. And let me tell you — there are a few moderates in the race that could win it and we’d be worse off.There are several good people in the race, but conservatives need to unite behind one to ensure a conservative gets elected. Please join me in rallying around Tom Graves for Congress. The Club For Growth is aggressively supporting him. Various pro-life and pro-entrepreneurial groups are too.RedState activists need a guy like this. In 2008, only two legislators were named “Legislative Entrepreneurs” Marco Rubio and Tom Graves. Let’s send Marco to the Senate and Tom to the House.