Marlin Stutzman Takes the Lead Among the Grassroots

Dan Coats has a pretty website up now in Indiana. One thing you won’t there are the results of a devastating straw poll among tea party activists in Indiana.Marlin Stutzman dominated the poll with Coats finishing dead last.Now, I don’t put too much stock in straw polls, but they certainly are good at showing energy and trends. Compare it to the CPAC poll that had Ron Paul in first with Mitt Romney behind him. We know the energy is with Paul and Romney, being up there with him, sure looks like a contender.Coats was at the very bottom. The energy is with Stutzman and Coats doesn’t even seem like a contender. Former Congressman Hostetler even beat Coats.Also on Dan Coats’ website is a nice little press release with some platitudes by a few politicians in Indiana. Compare that to Stutzman who just picked up the endorsements of over 20 members of the Indiana State Legislature.Marlin Stutzman also cleaned up at the most recent debate.

Stutzman said he has worked in the state Senate to reduce the deficit without raising taxes. “Folks, I oppose deficit spending in this country. It’s time we stop that problem in Washington before all else,” Stutzman said. “It’s time to cut our federal government back to the size of the original piece of parchment that it was written on,” Stutzman said.

Amen. Folks we need to get Marlin Stutzman elected.