Emanuel Death Watch Continues: Emanuel Helps Obama Unravel

Jed Babbin has today’s top story at Human Events. It seems the Emanuel Death Watch is continuing.

White House chiefs of staff come and go, arriving with fanfare and departing — usually — in celebration or silence.  Only one exception comes to mind. When Don Regan swapped jobs with Ronald Reagan chief of staff James Baker there began an epic battle with the president’s wife which — to no one’s surprise but Don Regan’s — he lost.Hamilton Jordan played Sancho Panza to Jimmy Carter’s Don Quixote.  H.R. Haldeman was Cardinal Richelieu to Richard Nixon’s Louis XIII.  But Rahm Emanuel, who has that lean and hungry look, seems to be auditioning for the part of Cassius to Obama’s Caesar.  Rahm Emanuel, famous for declaiming that a crisis should never be allowed to go to waste, is now engaged in an epic battle not only with President Obama’s closest advisers but with the president himself.