Murder as Politics: An Inconvenient Truth

“At least since the 19th century, it has been the left employing murder and death as a political weapon.”

It is sad that this even has to be pointed out. With Joseph Patrick Bedell, the Democrat and Pentagon shooter, and Joe Stack, the crazed and angry Austinite, being lumped in as Tea Party activists, the right feels compelled to respond to a badly misguided media showing its left-wing bias.Stack and Bedell, like Timothy McVeigh before them, are considered conservatives by the left, despite very clearly hating the right. In fact, if we were to be honest they like McVeigh are of a branch of anarcho-libertarian that hates both left and right.But in a day and age when the media dwells on simple narratives devoid of reality, it is easier to lump them all in as conservatives, helping feed left-wing narratives about a violent right. And so the right must respond.For just one example consider the Associated Press trying to blame Jim DeMint’s rhetoric as incitement for Bedell, a Democrat, and Stack a Marx quoting nut. This is the 2010 equivalent of Bill Clinton blaming Rush Limbaugh for Timothy McVeigh’s bombing in Oklahoma City. Never mind the facts, score points against the right.Therefore, it is time for one of those inconvenient truths.At least since the 19th century, it has been the left employing murder and death as a political weapon. From Hitler to Mao to Lenin to Stalin to Chavez to Castro to Guevera to Arafat to Pol Pot to Mugabe to [insert your favorite American union] to Margaret Sanger the left and its heroes have used death, violence, and murder to advance their agenda.For every Pinochet or Netanyahu (unfairly) the left grasps for, the list is three times as long on the left. It is inconvenient. The left will try to laugh it off or attack the person pointing out, but the truth remains.It is not conservatives burning down homes in Washington State with the ELF. It is not conservatives throwing blood on women wearing fur. It is not conservatives burning down the Texas Governor’s Mansion during riots. It is not conservatives rioting during G-8 summits.It is and has always been the left. Deal with it.

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