Will Bart Stupak Betray Pro-Life Voters

Quin Hillyer has a great article at the Washington Times about the canard that is reconciliation.Mark Thiessen makes a similar argument.In short, the Democrats are telling pro-life Democrats to vote for the Senate pro-abortion funding health care plan and then Nancy Pelosi promises to use reconciliation to defund abortion.There’s just one problem — abortion rights is not a deficit issue. As a result, any one Senator could object to abortion being part of the reconciliation process and have it stripped.It was the Senate that reinserted abortion language into the Obamacare package. Do we really think Barbara Boxer won’t object? The woman has never not used her uterus as a political issue despite it revolting pretty much every man in America.By voting for Obamacare, Stupak must know he is voting for funding abortions in the health care legislation. There is no way defunding abortions will make it through reconciliation.