GOP Does Not Want A Black Man In The Senate

It is starting to get really disgusting.First, the GOP said it needed diversity and chose the orange Charlie Crist over the Latino, Marco Rubio.Then the GOP said it needed to do better outreach in the black community, so it ignored Michael Williams in Texas and tried to find a rich white guy to run for the Senate.Now that Kay Bailey Hutchison has lost the Texas primary to Rick Perry without even making it into a runoff, the Washington, D.C. Republicans are scared to death a black man might actually get appointed to the Senate as a Republican.Kay Bailey Hutchison has said over and over and over, as recently as a few weeks ago, that she would leave the Senate by November. Now the Senate Republicans are begging her to stay so they don’t have to have Michael Williams. Why?Michael Williams is not only black, but he is a Jim DeMint supported conservative.This is really sick.*Please note the hefty dose of sarcasm in this post. Geez some of you people get offended easy. The fact remains that the GOP preaches diversity all the time and when presented with an attractive Latino and black candidate, they pass on both because they are too conservative.