Why does Harry Reid hate the unemployed?

Why does Harry Reid hate the unemployed? Why does he want people to starve?Why does Harry Reid hate highway projects? Why does he want people to tear up their cars hitting potholes?It’s true. The evidence is in the Senate on the floor right now.Jim Bunning does not want to vote for the unemployment extension plus highway bill without knowing where the money is coming from. He has, consequently, objected to unanimous consent for passage.All Harry Reid has to do is bring the bill to the floor for an actual vote. All he needs is 51 votes for this, unlike the health care bill.Can Harry Reid not get 51 Democrats to fund unemployment benefits? That’s all he needs. But he won’t bring the bill up for an actual vote. He wants all 100 Senators to go along with it.That won’t happen.So Harry Reid is holding the unemployed hostage for a photo-op. It’s like the President bringing reporters along to take pictures of the coffins unloading at Dover Air Force Base — crass and political, but devoid of substance.Why does Harry Reid hate the unemployed so much that he’d hold them hostage for a photo-op?