Roll Call Dumbs Down on Jim Bunning

Roll Call is dumbing down the Jim Bunning story in the Senate, calling what he is doing a filibuster.

Senate Republicans sought Tuesday to insulate themselves from the damage caused by Sen. Jim Bunning’s (R-Ky.) filibuster of a bill that would extend unemployment and health benefits and highway programs.Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) took to the floor Tuesday morning to ask that the Senate vote within hours on the bill so that thousands of furloughed federal highway workers could go back to work and the unemployed could see a resumption of their jobless benefits. Bunning’s filibuster, which he kicked off Thursday, caused those provisions to expire Sunday night. The retiring Kentucky Republican wants the measure paid for.

What Bunning is doing is merely objecting to a unanimous consent request. The Democrats could very easily vote on the pending matter instead of trying to get 100% of the vote.And isn’t it funny. The Democrats are trying to get 100 votes in the Senate to agree to extend unemployment benefits while also complaining that they have to get 60 votes to pass health care.You may want to write the author of the Roll Call piece and tell her Bunning is not filibustering, he is merely objecting to a unanimous consent request.