Your Call: Will Moderates Take Over?

I want and need you to pay serious attention to this.The Los Angeles Times is running a story today about the rising tide of moderates sweeping into the GOP. This will only happen if you let it.

Rep. Michael N. Castle, one of the most liberal Republicans in the House, is heavily favored to win an open Senate seat in Delaware.Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois, handily won the party’s primary despite opposition from conservatives. Other centrist Senate candidates — such as former Reps. Tom Campbell in California and Rob Simmons in Connecticut, and Gov. Charlie Crist in Florida — still face conservative opposition in primary contests that are seen as battles for the ideological soul of the party.But more is at stake. Additional moderates in the Senate could provide a more durable foundation for breaking logjams than any White House summit or lecture on bipartisanship.

What this means is, frankly, the GOP will not only keep compromising in favor of bigger government but will do it with gusto. That’s why we need a field of strong conservatives in the Senate. That’s why I support Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund.It’s also why we need to rally behind some strong conservatives in primaries in the order of those primaries:


Marlin Stutzman (IN)
Pat Toomey (PA)


Chuck DeVore (CA)
Mike Lee (UT)1
Danny Tarkanian (NV)


Ken Buck (CO)
Marco Rubio (FL)
These candidates will deliver change we can believe in. I know a few of you have preferred candidates, but I trust this list. It is not comprehensive of all the races. But these are the races we can win if we rally now.

  1. Utah will havea convention in May. If Bob Bennett does not get 60% of the vote in the convention, there will be a primary in June. If, however, Mike Lee gets 60% of the vote in the convention, there will be no primary and Mike Lee will be the GOP nominee.