On Rand Paul

Were I living in Kentucky on May 18th, I’d willingly and gladly go vote for Rand Paul for the United States Senate.On Sunday, I listed the candidates I was all in for. Rand Paul was not on the list and I’ve gotten a lot of blow back from people for saying I’d support him twitter, but not putting him on that list.I wanted to chat with you guys first. We’ve taken a pretty hard line on all things “Paul” here at RedState, and even amongst the contributors I get unmitigated hell for saying I’d support Rand Paul.But I would.I have real reservations. No, I do not think he is a truther. No, I do not think he is a birther. No, I do not think he’d be soft on Iran. In fact, in all of the flagged statements about Rand Paul, viewing his statements in context, it is clear the reporters and others are trying to pin him down on his father’s views, not his.I take very seriously that at the nation’s founding, the founders insisted that in matters of treason and other crimes, no law should work “corruption of blood,” or put another way, the sins of the father would not be made the sins of the son.I am not super gung-ho for Rand Paul. Every time I think I am, he says something that gives me pause and he has spent some time on the Alex Jones radio show, which does not exactly give me a comfortable feeling.All the said, though, of the candidates running in the Republican Primary in Kentucky, I find him to be the best choice. He is really for limited government. He is really for not just the idea of freedom, but the idea of liberty — two words treated as synonyms, but with specific meanings. We often times put all our emphasis on freedom, but we should be putting our emphasis on liberty as the founders did and understood it — the right not just to be free, but to act in a moral way such that our freedoms do not encroach on the freedoms of others.The point of supporting Rand Paul was driven home to me last Thursday night as Senator Bunning launched a one man filibuster against the Democrats. He came under relentless attack and even his own Republican Party would barely come to his aid (kudos to Bob Corker (R-TN)).Trey Grayson, Rand Paul’s opponent, would never do such a thing. Grayson is an errand boy to Mitch McConnell and would never do anything other than what McConnell insisted. I don’t live in Kentucky, but if I did, I’d want a senator who was his own man, like Senator Bunning. That’s Rand Paul for me.I have no doubt that a Senator Paul and I would but heads on issues, but no more so that I do with other Republicans. Rand Paul transcends GOP politics and picks up libertarians as well. He is not his father and I will not heap my issues with his father on his head.I’ll join Sarah Palin and others and support Rand Paul for the United States Senate. He can win. And he’s the best of the lot in Kentucky. Your mileage may vary — I know I’m in the minority with even the other contributors — but I hope you’ll step back from your view of his father and give Rand Paul a look as his own man.And I’ll add Rand Paul to my list of people I am supporting now that I’ve explained my position to you. If you can’t comfortably support him, I totally understand. But I hope you’ll consider him and his positions separate from those of his father.