Obama's Perverse Priorities

Jed Babbin has the top story today at Human Events.

When Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind) announced his retirement, the media revived their drumbeat that our government is broken.  As the indispensable Brent Bozell pointed out last week, Democrats and the media only complain of broken government when the liberals can’t get their agenda enacted.The problem isn’t that our government isn’t working: it’s that President Obama’s agenda is entirely perverse. It reverses the essential order of priorities, devoting the energy of government exclusively to his plans to revolutionize our country.  Since last June, congress and the White House have been consumed by President Obama’s plan to impose government control on our healthcare system.  With time outs for the occasional earthquake or celebrity scandal, their attention has been drawn from more important issues, and of our most precious asset — time — nine months have been wasted and cannot be recovered.