Charlie Crist Says He'd Keep the Democrats' Health Care Deform Plan

At a time the GOP is pushing the Democrats to scrap their health care plan and start over — a view shared by the majority of Americans — Charlie Crist says he’d keep the Democrats’ plan. Mind you, he can’t think of a part worth saving, but he says he’d keep it anyway and work to “improve” it.Marco Rubio promptly sent out a press release on this saying:“Once again, Charlie Crist has shown why Floridians can’t trust him to go to Washington and stand up to the misguided agenda of President Obama and Congressional Democrats. At a time when Americans are pushing back against the government takeover of health care and calling for a complete reset to this flawed bill, Charlie Crist says he would not scrap it. Even more problematic, he claims he would approach health care in the same way he handled the stimulus. Floridians know all too well the soaring debt and expansion of government that resulted from that misguided approach.“Make no mistake, the current health care proposal is a deeply flawed plan that should be scrapped entirely in favor of a truly bipartisan approach that won’t sacrifice the things that have made our health system the best in the world.”Good on Marco.