Healthcare Summit: Chicago Style

Jed Babbin has the top story at Human Events today.

Senate Democrat “moderates” probably slept well last night, but no House Blue Dog should have.  In the marathon Blair House healthcare “summit,” the Chicago Obama family made it perfectly clear that the Senate Dems are protected “made men” but the House members are expendable in Obama’s pursuit of nationalizing healthcare. The summit convened after a round of new polls showed — again — that most Americans don’t want Obamacare.  A Quinnipiac poll showed Americans disapproved of Obama’s healthcare plan by 54-35 percent.  Rasmussen said 56% opposed and 41% approved, and both Pew Research and PPP said 50% were opposed to it.  The opposition will almost certainly rise after yesterday’s media event.For that is what it was.  It was precisely as Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind) characterized it to me last night. The “summit” wasn’t anything resembling an honest debate or a real negotiation.  Pence pointed out that Obama opened the meeting with comments that directly contravened his stated objectives for the summit.  Instead of opening the “summit” to a debate and negotiation of both sides’ positions, Obama began by stating that his purpose was to make the case for his healthcare bill.